Concept of Love from Irving Singer’s Perspective

Suyada Channart


The research on the concept of love from Irving Singer’s perspective is aimed at studying the types of love from several perspectives and the concept of love from Irving Singer’s perspective to find out what love is and how it relates to human beings.  According to Irving Singer, pluralistic love is the best word to describe his concept of love. He rejected to define love in one definition. There are different kinds of love – the love of things, the love of persons and the love of ideals. He mainly focused on the analysis of romantic love and developed the distinction between bestowal and appraisal; the idea of interdependence rather than dependence. Love is both appraisal and bestowal. Love is an acceptance of another being, a sharing of selves and a contributor to meaning in life.

It is hoped that this study will reflect how we love and how to be loved in a more comprehensible way; which will be a guideline for people who are interested in studying or trying to understand the issues about love and other related social issues. This will lead to the creation of knowledge to strengthen people for living lives in a more creative and meaningful way.

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