Is Kierkegaard a fundamentalist?: Can he become an advocate of terrorism? (Part I)

Por Boonpornprasert


This article aims at exploring – in a hypothetical manner- into the depth of Human existence, and to lay bare the conditions of the possibility of human existence that drive the individual – to the minimum extent - towards fancying or embracing a fundamentalist ideology or stance towards other beings. It is a common knowledge that most terrorists have the inclination to take the fundamentalist stance based upon faith-based religious moral high ground – that for the most parts seem to be in contradiction to our common senses. In doing so, Soren Kierkegaard’s approach to the problems of human existence might seem to work wonder in this kind of narrative; e.g., the existential analysis in to the fundamentalist existence. This kind of analysis needs some extensive space to put the comprehensive argument across. So I decided to split this article into two parts: the first part I would precede with the argument on the existential back ground of the emergence of the fundamentalist, and I would end up unfinished with Kierkegaard’s view on the existence.

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